Miss Pink

Miss Pink

Interview with Miss Pink: Could the sexy Myriam Klink be the next Haifa Wehbe?!

Haifa was merely a beautiful model when her fans pushed her to become a full fledged Pop Diva. Her successful modeling career was soon followed by a more outstanding one in singing, and a promising acting career seems lurking at the horizon. Many other Arab girls have attempted to follow in her footsteps, but were doing it the wrong way; literally reproducing her look and behavior, most of them remained in the category of copycats. Why go with a copy when you can have the original right?!

Miriam Clink, a well established Lebanese model, seems to be at a crossroads in her career path. Similarly to what Haifa went through, Myriam’s fans are now requesting more from her and pushing her to take the additional step. Modeling is usually just a temporary phase in a woman's life, and only a few international names have made it past 30! Male models usually make it a bit longer though. So will it work out for her? Does she have what it takes? We will have to wait and see. Perhaps what the Arab World really needed after all, is a blond Haifa ;)

We had a little chat with Miss Pink, and asked her a few questions to clear out the matter. Her fans want her to sing, but her first step out of the realm of modeling seems to be in an acting role she has recently contracted.

We haven’t heard her sing, nor have we seen her act yet, so it is hard to give our review at the moment. But we have figured out the best project for her: A reality TV show called Miss Pink! The camera will follow her around in her exciting daily domestic and professional life. This type of shows hasn’t been done yet in the Arab World, and she might just be the perfect candidate. Maybe something in the same category as those American Docusoaps starring celebrities such as Anna Nicole Smith, or maybe something like The Simple Life of American socialite Paris Hilton etc... So would you watch such a show if it were aired on TV???

In our chat, we also cleared out a few matters including her background, her achievements and her latest projects. Here is what she had to say...

Hello Myriam and thanks for the interview.

I would like to Thank You.

Your name sounds very exotic! Is that your real name or a chosen artistic one? Your mother is European right?
Yes it is my real name. Its a Lebanese name, nothing to do with my Serbian roots, because I am half Serbian.

Have you always lived in Lebanon?
Yes I have always lived in Lebanon, but I travel a lot on short trips

Tell us your secret, how do you stay this fit? Were you just blessed with great genes, or do you have to follow a strict diet
and workout routine?

I stay fit coz of my genes . I eat everything except animals coz I love them... and no sport for me I am too lazy.

What’s the anecdote behind your nickname Miss Pink? That’s how most of your fans refer to you. Is that just a sweet nickname for them to express their affection, or is there really such a beauty pageant hehe?
I love pink so much that everyone calls me Miss Pink u always see me wearing this color. It gives me positivity.

Who are your favorite fashion designers of the moment?
I don’t have one favorite designer, coz am a moody person. I like a brand or designer one day then the second day I will prefer another one. There are so many good
ones, but I don’t like any one designer’s full collection or line.

You are one of the first professional top models in Lebanon, and you have already established yourself in the modeling industry.
Why haven’t you yet assertively expanded your line of work? Do you have other passions you would like to explore?

I am well known in the modeling business but it was all by mistake, I never really wanted to be a model. It just happened and I did a name thanks to the media they were always next to me. They made me famous. I am studying now a project of doll for children holding my name. But nothing is done yet. My passion goes for animals.

We heard you shot an Egyptian Sitcom with Mahmoud el Bajouri, in which you play the role of a Swedish girl married to an Egyptian man. What happened to it, was it released?
Yea the sitcom its done. Some few months and it’ll b released.

What projects are you currently working on, and where will we see you next?
I have so many projects that I don’t know from where to start , can’t give details for now.

What famous celebrities/personalities would you like to work with one day?
I wouldn’t like to work with any celebrity coz i want to be the only celebrity when on a job hehehe. But my idol is Brigitte Bardot.

Although you are very serious and professional in your work, you also know how to have fun on your breaks. Where do you usually hang out?
To me in my work am serious in a way but not too much . I like to have fun so much. I hang out in fancy places where there is good food, nice music. But you will most find me at the zoo watching if everything is ok with animals.

What attracts you in a man?

First I like tall men with a bit long hair. Not too dark, rich and having a good position. The men I feel proud of. Very ‘galant’. Very educated with lots of knowledge, protective, romantic, and a bit crazy with old fashion appearance, generous, very generous and must love animals. :)

Thank you for this delightful interview. Any last words?
Thank you for choosing me in the Top 100 Arab women, and I want to thank my fans so much. I am so proud of them, I love them so much. I am really impressed to have such faithful and loving fans...

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