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IT-Serve Dubai

Address: Dubai UAE, Abu Dhabi UAE, Sharjah UAE, Oman and Qatar, Dubai

Country: UAE

Telephone: +97143737999

Fax: +97143353655

IT-Serve is a Dubai based Managed IT Service, IT Solutions, IT Support and IT Hardware / Computer Provider in Dubai. IT-Serve provides best IT Services in Dubai, IT Solutions and IT Support in UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Oman and Qatar. is a complete IT service and support provider that offers everything from cabling infrastructure to a managed helpdesk. IT-Serve was founded in Dubai the year 2001 to cater for a gap in the market for a reliable, western educated and qualified IT service and support solution. Our team works both remotely and onsite to protect your IT setup & information. We use the most technologically advanced support systems in the UAE that allow us to monitor your complete IT solution keeping it safe, secure and virus-free without you even knowing it. Our proactive approach means that often problems are identified and solved by IT-Serve before you will be aware of them.

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