Youmna Sherri on NBN City TV in a new Show

Youmna Sherri on NBN City TV in a new Show

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After being away for a while from the Television, famous TV presenter Youmna Sherri is back on the scene in a new Show on NBN. Youmna recently left Future Television and joined NBN to appear during Ramadan in City Nights (Layali Al Madina).

NBN has recently re-launched as CityTV on Nile Sat with new programs made for the Ramadan session.

In the first episodes of Layali El Madina, Youmna hosted Mayssam Nahhas and Ghassan Al Rahbani. Youmna is preparing to interview new artists in some exciting episodes during Ramadan. The show is runs live every Friday and Saturday live in a special night at 10:00 PM Cairo, Egypt Time.

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