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The Twelfth prime of Star Academy 4

The Twelfth prime of Star Academy 4

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The Twelfth prime of Star Academy 4 took place on Friday 2nd of March 2007.

Guests of the prime were Lebanese singer Fares Karam and Star Academy 1 star Bashar El Shatti.

Carlo Nakhleh started the prime singing along with Fares Karam his famous song El-Tanoura.

Tina Yamout and Carlo Nakhleh performed a romantic tableau.

Bashar El Shatti appeared on stage, playing the piano and singing his song Ah ya Hawa with Ahmad Dawood from Kuwait. Bachar also sang with Marwa Binsghier a famous song Kifak Enta by Fayrouz.

Marwa also sang with Shada Hassoun an old classical song called Albi Dalili.

Fares Karam and Carlo sang the popular song Sharea El Hamra a famous song for Fares.

Shada Hassoun got a great surprise on her birthday which was the appearance of her dad on stage; she ran and hugged him as he sang Happy Birthday for her.

No Friend of the week was selected on this prime, however the boys were promised by Roula Saad to spend the week end in Jordan's Sunny City, Aqaba. In addition to visiting Petra.

By the end of the Prime the audience saved Ali Al Saad from Saudi Arabia. While the students selected Sally to stay with them, hence, Amal Lembary left the Academy on its 12th prime.

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