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The Second Prime Week of Star Academy 4

The Second Prime Week of Star Academy 4

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The second prime of star academy 4 lebanon started with the Students singing a Christmas song, in a Christmas decor and costumes.

The first guest of the second prime was Ramy Ayach.
Ahmad Dawood and Amal Lembary sang along Ramy one of his last year hit songs.

Then the 3 nominees where introduced and they sang for Chireen Ahmad, Mohamed El Mazem and the famous Lebanese song, Mishwar Rayheen Mishwar.

One of the nice themes of this prime was the Scottish dance and show which the students performed in a nice manner.

The 4 Cats group were the other guest of this prime, they sang their famous song, El Dounia Heyk, along with Nelly Maatouk.

Dalida Rahbani the 4th member of the 4 Cats group was not there because she recently got her twin daughters Christy and Cindy Rahbani, born. The twins were born to Dalida and Ghassan Rahbani.

The Top 5 Students of the first week were as follows:

1- Ayoub Al Zadjali
2- Carlo Nakhleh
3- Intissar Lazhar
4- Ali Al Saad
5- Shada Hassoun

This year money was introduced to encourage the students to perform.

$ 5000 for rank 1
$ 2500 for rank 2
$ 2000 for rank 3
$ 1500 for rank 4
$ 1000 for rank 5

however this money will only go to the candidate with the highest money amount throughout the whole 4 months.

Ayoub Al Zadjali won a ticket to Austria to visit his collegues from school.

Dany Chamoun, Carlo Nakhleh and Imad Jallouli sang along Rami Ayach a song entitled Bin El Jiran from Ramy's Album for the 2007.

Most Handsome Male Candidates
Ahmad Dawood, Carlo Nakhleh and Imad Jallouli were voted by the female candidates as being the most handsome men at the Acadamy 4.

Friend of the Week 1
Ahmad Dawood was voted as Friend of the Week

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