Micho we love you but please Shut Up!

Micho we love you but please Shut Up!

This year, Ramadan witnessed the return of Micho Show on Future TV.

The show still maintains its general cheerful character with all its standard jokes and expressions such as the “Elak!” that we have gotten very much used to (sometimes even bored with).

Despite the constant struggle of Micho (Michel Azzi) to appear cute and funny at all times, the chemistry he fosters with his guests always lights up the set and hides all the show’s shortcomings. They all buy in and become an integral part of the whole “Micho Propaganda” revealing an amusing side to them.

However, the novelty this year is Micho’s One minute “Rap” singing towards the middle of the show. A very disturbing melody with very unbearable singing! An irritating one minute experience actually. Sometimes you cannot help but change the channel right at that moment. Needless to say that “Rap” is so outdated at this point. Micho what are u thinking?!

The jingle for the show is not bad though. A very catchy tune. It really sounds good and makes you want to sing along. Maybe that’s where Micho got the idea from!?

Micho we love you but please shut up!

Another friendly suggestion, this time to the show’s production team:The 2 doors behind which “Shared” and “Mared” are hidden should be opened at the same time (when the caller makes his/her choice). The rooms appear to have a backdoor entrance which makes us suspicious as to how much fate really decides who is behind the chosen door every time.

This article was sent to us by Miss Sophie Dagher.

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