Future SuperStar

Future SuperStar

Super Star also known as Future SuperStar is an Arabic Television Contest Program based on the popular British Contest, Pop Idol which was created by Simon Fuller 19 Entertainment and developed by Fremantle Media.

Superstar aimes at uniting the Arab community by democratically choosing the next singing sensation. The show is broadcast worldwide by the Lebanese Television, Future TV Network. It's also the first Idol franchise to feature contestants from multiple countries.

According to Ali Jaber, the executive manager of Future TV, SuperStar was a big success. Ali Jaber was quoted saying "Superstar is the most successful program on Arab televisions. There is no television program that moved the Arab world like it did."

However, Superstar was shadowed by competetive reality show Star Academy on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation - LBC, in terms of popularity and ratings. Future Superstar has been surpassed by Star Academy as the number one show in the arab region. In addition, none of the contestants of Future Superstar have managed to equal the sales and popularity of Ahmed El Sherif, a contestant from Star Academy 1.

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