Estelle the Phoenician Princess

Estelle the Phoenician Princess

We have made our pick for the World's Bellydance Championship winner, and it is no other than Estelle from Lebanon!

This magnificent belly dancer spreads her mysterious scent all around in the air as she moves with absolute grace and splendor. Estelle knows how to be sensual while retaining an elegant and poised posture. Her eclectic style mixes Egyptian influences to a concocted feminine Dabkeh, with a sprinkle of Greek and Turkish flavors, all powerfully tickling our senses.

Her enchanting hips might be magical, but her expressive hands have nothing to envy them. We are like transported into a mythological world. It sometimes feels as if she is worshipping the gods in a sacred temple, but at other times simply having fun with her friends at a party.

Nadira Assaf was right when she said that for a few moments she made us forget to breath. Belly dancing has not said its final word yet. Estelle is undoubtedly the essence of femininity in this live art.

For us, you have already won the title; we salute you Estelle!

See also Estelle Zaghloul.

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