Facts & Information about Syria

Syria also known as Souriya is officially the Syrian Republic. Syria is a republic located by Lebanon in the south, Mediterranean Sea to the and the island of Cyprus to the west. Syria is also bordered with Jordan to the south, with Iraq to the east, and with Turkey in the the north. Syria is also border by Israel to the southwest.

Total Area of Syria is 185,180 sq km
land: 184,050 sq km
water: 1,130 sq km
1,295 sq km of land is occupied by Israel.

The Population of Syria is around 20 million.

Map Coordinates 35 00 N, 38 00 E

Syria is located in the Middle East Region a part of the Continent of Asia. Syria has a surface area of 185180.00 Square Km.
Syria got its independence in the year 1941.

The population of Syria is 16125000 their average life expectancy is 68.5 years of age.
The government in Syria is Republic, headed by Bashar al-Assad.
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Niqab Ban in Syria