Sexiest Arab Men 2010

Sexiest Arab Men 2010

We give you the Top 100 Sexiest Arab Men 2010, a tribute to our handsome Arab men and to the ladies who adore them!
Correction: The most valuable natural resource in the Arab world is not oil like you were made to believe, but rather the hot men!

Our jury has collected for you the hottest Arab studs from the Maghreb, the sexiest modern day Pharaohs and Nubian hunks, the heartthrobs from the Levant, as well as hotties from the Gulf region, all deemed to be the year’s most appealing! Some are plain HOT, others rather cute boyfriend material, some are not even that handsome in a traditional sense, but definitely all of them are sexy in their own way... We also added international stars with Arab blood to the mix, to spice things up a little. We have them in all shapes and sizes; you are bound to find one to your liking. For the girls reading this, who would you like to date? For the guys, who would you rather be when you grow up ;) ?

Please note that the list originally featured more than 126 handsome nominees from all around the Arab World, who competed for the title in a poll that lasted approximately 3 months. Some of the candidates were also suggested by the public. With the help of the online community who supported their favorite candidates by voting and uploading the best photos they had of them, we can now publish the official Top 100 list with the final rankings. We are also featuring some of the best reviews we received from the voters, whom we would like to thank for making this survey possible!

This study actually complements an earlier on we did with female candidates, the Top 100 Sexy Arab Women 2010.

According to the Mayan calendar, the world supposedly ends in 2012 lol! So what better way to celebrate the last turn of a decade than with the ultimate list that regroups the finest and hottest men to ever come out of the Middle East and North Africa?!

As the French would say “et pour finir en beaute” we give you the winners ;)

Drums please………………………

Top 100 Sexiest Arab Men for 2010 (Ranks 01-10)

Sexiest Arabic Man

1. Mohamed Bash

Bash is officially the most desirable Arab man.

If you don't melt just by looking into his eyes, wait till he gets his guitar and starts playing.

Follow the link below to discover his charm:

Sexiest Arab Man

Sexiest Arabic Male Model

2. Mrad Mouawad

The expression eye-candy seems appropriate here.

Looking at this hot stud costs you zero calories, so look all you want;)

Sexiest Arab Male Model.

Arabic Boy Nextdoor

3. Mohamed El Maghraby

This cutie is said to be the most eligible Arab bachelor.

What do you think girls?

Arab Boy Next Door 2010

Hot Music Teacher

4. Khalil Abou Obeid

Anyone interested in private solfege tutoring?

No wonder we have so many women singers! It is also clear now why half of them can't sing lol. Who can learn anything with a teacher this hot!

Hottest Music Teacher

Sexy Khaled-Slim

5. Khaled Selim

Aliaa (Egypt)
A prince in manners and attitude, he is intelligent, has a great voice, not to mention he is gorgeous with an athletic body.

Rawya Bokary (Sudan)
He has a wonderful spirit, not just a wonderful body.

Sexy Amr-Diab

6. Amr Diab

Ahmed (Egypt)
He is an amazing man and is always stylish (we agree he is very stylish!)

Khaled Toky (Egypt)
He is a Legend and the best singer in all the world

Mohamed Hossam (Egypt)
He is 100% man and has the best voice in Africa.

Sexy Ewan

7. Iwan

Noora (United States)
I love him because his songs are great , He is great , Sawto 7anoon , Shaklo Bejanen O ma fey singer metlo abadan !!

Handsomeness, sexiness, not to mention his amazing pure voice and his amazing songs that you can never stop listening to, as well as watching his incredible video-clips..all in one intelligent man.

Abir (Tunisia)
He’s my favorite Arabic singer because he has an awesome voice and also is so cute and handsome <3

Syrjyw Caehll(Canada)
I find it very impressive for one to have such an extraordinary voice and still be that.. ehem, handsome. X3 I think he has shown tons of talent when singing and acting as well..

Sexy Wael Kfouri

8. Wael Kfoury

Imane Lahrache (Morocco)
He has everything a real singer must have: great voice, taste, looks, charisma... Furthermore, he and his voice were always by my side, in the happiest moments as in the most unfortunate.

Elaaf Eldali (Sudan)
I adore him ♥ because he has been my favorite singer since I was 8 years old. Now am 19 and I still love him actually even more than before! Wael is still the same person he was since 1994, and he Never let me down, he always surprises me with his amazing songs, and charming voice, always takes me to another place where it feels like heaven! He is a Legend. He is special and really one of a kind!

Sexy Tamer Hosni

9. Tamer Hosny

Sawsan (Jordan)
He knows how to choose his songs properly, he also has a dreamy voice and has a good character and always not shy about his past to say that his life was difficult before he became famous. He is also a generous man.

Shahinaz (Iraq)
He is a very good singer and has a very good voice and his songs are amazing. He has a very nice way of talking and he’s so so good with his fans, he is really a great singer and for me he’s the best singer.

Nadiah (Saudi Arabia)
He is a very funny and sexy man. I like his look and everything about him.

Sam del Casablanco (Qatar)
He has good sex appeal with a cute face.

Sexy Ramy Ayach

10. Rami Ayach

Mustafa Mano (Iraq)
He is a very good singer, charming and very cute.

Maymonah (Saudi Arabia)

Photo Credits:
If you are the owner of any of the photographs above, please contact us to add your name and credit your work next to the photo.

(Ranks 11 - 25)

11. Saad Ramadan

Luna Hajj (Lebanon)
Saad has a wonderful voice and a beautiful face especially his amazing eyes, we, the Lebanese, are very proud of him, Go Go Go Saad.

Mimou (Tunisia)
His voice, his smile, his eyes, he is so polite, he is so charming, everything he’s got he is soo perfect.

Netsanet Moges (Norway)
He is handsome, good looking, and the best singer

PS:One of his fans wrote the best review and was awarded with the title of Best Arab Fan.

12. Ahmad Ezz

Esraa Gareb Ali Egypt)
I believe he is the best candidate not just because he is a successful actor that carefully chooses his roles, but also because he gained the love of people from all social classes. More importantly he has a good character from the inside and follows principles and values. I want to note that the selection of any candidate should be based not only on looks but also on his morals and values, and his ability to be successful without renouncing to any of his principles.

Hadeer Magdy (Egypt)
He is a decent artist with beautiful tasteful work,and he is a real man before being handsome, and he does not depend solely on his looks.

AlleyAliah Nour (Singapore)
He is cool and very low profile- long friendship in Myspace.

Ghada Elrweny (Egypt)
He is very sexy and a gentleman.

Ons Makarem (Egypt)
He is a good actor and a very hot man.

Samar Mohamed (Egypt)
Ahmed is an amazing actor and he is handsome beside having a strong character.

13. Mohamed Hamaki

14. Youssef El Khal

Sezar (Syria)
He’s the only beautiful one on your list , the others are so ugly.
Safa Benhassine (Tunisia)
c’ est grace a lui que je regarde les séries libanaises. Il est adorable ktiiiir mahdouuuum..ena ktiiir ija 3abeli rou7 lobnan :)
Jihad Zaheredine (Lebanon)
He is like angel ....3anjad howeh angel 3la el ared we kawkab kilo

15. Qusai Khouli

May Assaf (Jordan)
He is so attractive and so smart in picking the roles he plays, besides I feel like he is down to earth and funny, also he represents a good role model for Arab men.

Hassan (UAE)
When I see him I feel like he is in my heart automatically I don’t know why.

16. Bassel Khayat

Nahed Zedan (Egypt)
la2aneeeee bbsata mabshooooooooooooooooooof aktar mno rajol w mawhebe w thakafe....rajooooooooool w mkateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

17. Dani Eid

This candidate appears in the hottest photos, and was awarded with the title of Mr. Photogenic Arabia.

18. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum (Fazza3)

Officially the Sexiest Arabian Prince, need we say more?

19. Mohammed Al Maiman

This hot stud holds the title of Sexiest Saudi Man.

20. Sheikh Rashid Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum

Somnapha Netsawang (China)
No, I don’t like but I love him.

Anonymous (UAE)
I know that all the men in here are good looking, and they are all nice, but what caught my attention is this Prince’s kindness and sweetness. This is why I voted for him as the most handsome and the sexiest between all Arab men.

Balqees batool alsaffar (UAE)
He looks handsome & HE IS OUR SHEIKH & OUR PRIDE.

21. Sheikh Khaled Bin Hamad Al Khalifa

Maha (Bahrain)
He is Handsome

Siva (Bahrain)
I like his Personality, Style and Dress Coding...

22. Nassif Zaitoun

Wisam Zed (Syria)
Everything about him is beautiful, and the best thing in him is his masculinity, and strong character and he is not scared of an honest judgment.

23. Michel Azzi

24. Abdulaziz Kassar

Alireza (Iran)
he is very nice and he has a sweet voice.
Tahany (Palestine)
He is such a beautiful man

Riham (Morocco)
He is very beautiful
fo fo (Syria)
I love his look and he has a nice voice .......(I simply love him) He is the one!
Farah Dbais (Jordan)
He is so beautiful and sexy … amazing

Mohamed Shaif Nafsi (UAE)
He is my role model
Bahiya (Morocco)
I don’t know! He is just perfect I’m speechless I can’t describe him I just love him he’s soo cuute
sos (SaudiArabia)

25. Saleh Abdel Nabi

Nada(Saudi Arabia)
I like him because he has an amazing smile and body

Moataz Chhabi (UAE)
Sexy, and with perfect smile

Top 25 - 100

Rabih Baroud
Hani Hussein
Jeff Zalzali
Zaher Saleh
Khaled Abol Naga
Abdel Rahman Balaa Mr Lebanon 2010
Alexander Uloom
Ahmad Al Sakka
Marcelino Gebrayel - Mr Lebanon 2010
Rayan Eid
Mohammed Kais
Hicham Bahloul
Fadi Andraos
Carlos Azar
Tamer Hagras
Toni Qattan
Wissam Hanna - Mr Lebanon 2005
Mohammed Shams El Din - Mr Lebanon 2009
Mohammad Nour
Ahmed Haroun
Ahmed Fahmy
Ahmed Zabedy
Ibrahim Abdel Gawad
Anthony Hakim - Mr Lebanon 2006
Fadi Cherry
Tarek Naguib Mr Egypt
Ziad Bourji
Karim Ziani
Dhafer El Abidine
Amr Waked
Bassem Moughnieh
Ahmed Hossam Mido
Rony Fahed
Philip Yacoub
Fares Karam
Jad Choueiri
Montazer Al Zaidi
Joe Ashkar
Al Wasmi
Lany Jaafar
Hussein Ayach
Hani Metwasi
Nejib Belhassen
Milad Srour
Mohannad Ahmad
Wissam Breidy
Wissam Chamas
Karl Wolf
Rabih Laz
Jad Hadid
Hassan Ounajma
Amer Zayan
Francois Sagat
Nabil Ajram
Toni Issa
Nicolas Mouawad
Tarek Hijazi
Abdelkader Ghezzal
Aziz Abdo
Assaad Tarabay - Mr Lebanon 2003
Ayman Qaysouni
Ghassan Mawla - Mr Lebanon 1997
Mourad Meghni
Walid El Alayli
Abdallah Alsukkari
Khalid Kafi
George Kurdahi
AJ Abualrub
Yazan Al Sayed
Fadi Bannout
Elie Rustom
Mustapha Najia
Nassimo model
Matthieu Boujenah

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