Brother Moloch

Brother Moloch

Gender: Female

Brother Moloch is a Voodoo Priest and a practicing Sorcerer/Witch.

Brother Moloch is an initiated Houngan Asogwe which he received from a 10th generation Haitian Houngan Asogwe on March 4, 2009 under the tutelage of his Spiritual Father, Linsou Kadia. Moloch is actually not his real name but an adopted one, as it refers to the Spirit Teacher that first responded to his callings in 1991.

He initially attended college in Florida majoring in Fire Science Technology and studied to become an Arson Investigator. He later returned to college in Ohio and majored in Marketing & Sales.
He got tired of living hand to mouth and sought change through Sorcery. He wanted sex, money & power, Real Power, not the conventional 'positive motivational power', and turned to Sorcery. It first helped him when he was in a door-to-door sales job, and later brought him private clients seeking the extra magical support.

Brother Moloch got acquainted with the Supernatural early on. His late grandmother used to sit in the evening when nothing good was on TV and tell him stories about her family ghosts sightings. She also had the gift of Second Sight and was able to see many things he could not. She was very good with using the Ouija Board and got terrific results with it. When he turned 12, Moloch saw a book, "Diary Of A Witch" by Sybyl Leek at a garage sale and bought it. He read it several times and yearned to be able to take control of his life the way a Witch or Sorcerer could do.

It wasn't until November 17th, 1987 when he had finished reading a book on Witchcraft that he set up a small altar and renounced his early Xian upbringing to dedicate himself to the Gods of Old & the path of Sorcery.

He was initiated into a coven of Alexandrian Witches on Easter Sunday in 1989, led by the late Ronald A. Parshley. Prior to his Haitian Voodoo initiation, he had developed his own system of Sorcery that encompasses candle workings, roots and herbs, evocations of Spirits, Max Freedom Long HUNA, Armenan runes & general metaphysics including ESP development & meditation.

Brother Moloch has given numerous lectures at festivals like Starwood, Witchstock ('95-'97), Craftwise and its sister festival, Craftwise-in-the-Woods. He has performed divinations at numerous psychic fairs and has taught in metaphysical boutiques/shops from Florida to Ohio.

Moloch is the author of several arcane & occult books, essays & articles about Sorcery & Magic. His core focus over the years has been the subject of evocation and summoning Spirits. He has studied RootWork-Conjure Sorcery & the German Armenan Runic System with much success. He has primarily practiced Hermetic Magics, Kabalistic Magics, RootWork-Conjure Sorcery, Hoodoo, Armenan Rune Magics, and Evocations.
He is also an authentic Haitian Vodu Houngan Asogwe. He does Spiritual Readings, Met-Tet or Spirit Head Readings and a wide variety of simple forms of Divinations such as Runes, Tarot and Geomancy. He is also interested in fringe science types of subjects such as Radionics which he has used in the past for many applications in Sorcery. He has also developed his own line of Hybrid Radionic-Sorcery (Rad-Sor) instruments that he has shared with the rest of the world.

MolochSorcery Publications

Pragmatic Magics: A Grimoire Of Modern Sorcery

The Necronomian: A Workbook Guide to the Necronomicon

The Voodoo Magic Course

The Magus Ritual Magic Course (Revised)

UpStart: The Manual For Beginning Sorcerers

Moloch's Guide To Using Sorcery Formulas

Basics of Metaphysical Empowerment

Radionics Primer

The Dark Arts of Tarantula

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