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Where is the freedom of expression?

Where is the freedom of expression?

The “new” Lebanon along with its “new” democracy, which has been loudly publicized through propaganda, looks worse than the “old” one when it comes to freedom of expression!

It is not the first time that New TV’s journalists are harassed and threatened because of their professionalism, in the hope of quieting them. Do we really want to know the truth? Firas Hatoum, Abdel Azim Khayyat and Mohammad Barbar have only gained further support and more fame out of their latest arrest.

The magic did turn against its magician this time! When will we learn in Lebanon to accept an opinion that is different from ours? What example are we giving our younger generations?

Do you think the investigation in Hariri’s assassination is being objectively handled, or do you think it is being hampered by false piety and being manipulated to satisfy political ends?

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