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Real mermaid discovered in Batroun

Real mermaid discovered in Batroun

For six years now, rumours of an alleged mermaid visiting the shores of Batroun around early spring have been received with much scepticism.

The reported encounters were so numerous that many residents of Batroun swore mermaids are real and not mere fantasy creatures from fictitious legends. Some were even convinced, like Emme Aoun ,who claims to have seen one in 2004, that they might be trying to warn us about something such as an upcoming Tsunami.

But recently, the astonishing discovery of what appears to be a dead “mermaid” that had perished on the shores of Batroun, near The Phoenician Wall, has left even the most pragmatic speechless! Toufic Shebtini and his girlfriend Mona Chedid were the first to come across the decaying carcass, while on a romantic stroll.

They have been officially warned not to give out any interviews or answer to inquiries even by their closest relatives. This amazing incident was quickly contained and intentionally smothered! It is said that two foreign men alongside a woman (most probably German) working aboard a German vessel present in the Lebanese waters at that time, were seen on the premises within minutes. The corpse was immediately shipped to Germany under very tight security, before heading to the University of Birmingham where it was put in the care of Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker.

British marine biologist Dr. Shuker is actually a zoologist specialized in cryptozoology, which is the study of "hidden" animals. Cryptozoologists look either to find creatures like the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti, or "re-find" seemingly extinct species like the Tasmanian wolf (Thylacine) and New Zealand's giant moas etc…

However, the found creature is far less attractive than the common mermaids in folktales usually represented with the body of a young, beautiful woman. (See the two-tailed siren illustration of “Hortis Sanitati” from 1491). Actually, this one has the withered body of a monkey and the dried tail of a fish. On first consideration, it is believed to most likely be an unknown form of primate adapted to sea-life! The photographs depicting the “mermaid” are absolutely authentic and are neither computer generated nor digitally retouched.

Awaiting the final verdict of authenticity by Dr. Shuker expected very soon. They have all refused to give any clarifications regarding the matter, complying with the imposed discretion.

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