Mr. Photogenic Arabia

Mr. Photogenic Arabia

Dani Eid is Mr. Photogenic Arabia.

Dani has appeared in some of the hottest photos to come out of the Arab World. He was also enlisted in the official Top 100 Sexiest Arab Men 2010 list.

Here are some of the best reviews we received about him.

Why People like him?

Valentina Vazquez (United States)
Dani is a beautiful man with an amazing personality and extremely good looks.He stands out among all. He has a beautiful heart and love for all people. He should be nominated not only for the Arab community ,but In my country too United States. He is very photogenic and has an incredible talent in his modeling career. Dani is admired by many countries, United states, Lebanon, China, Spain, Puerto Rico, Germany, England, Syria,Saudi Arabia,Russia, Mexico, Canada,Italy, Turkey, Egypt,Jordan,India, Japan,Panama, and several others. He is recognized world wide because of his charm and friendly personality,Dani is the kind of person to be everyone's friend with lots of humbleness he is very caring for people.We all love Dani E.

Carla Eid (Lebanon)
Because he is my brother and I know him personally, I can tell you that he’s a humble man, with a very good heart, not to mention he’s handsome looking and simply gorgeous!

Andrea (Germany)
He ist cute! I love Dani. He ist the best of the best!

Nermine Atif (Egypt)
so smart sexy cute decent friendly with his fans and that is not normal for those people he contact his fans like he contacts his friends and that is so nice and that way he can get more fans and he must keep on that.

Wassim (Lebanon)
Dani is objectively the most beautiful and attractive. He deserves to be number 1.

Omar Meraaby (Lebanon):
I like Dani cuz he is really a good guy and hot and is my friend go dani :)

Adel (Palestine):
Dani is the most beautiful person in the world.

Omar al-alsaiede (Iraq)
cuz he deserve to be winner .. dani lovely pure heart man

Fabrizio (Italy)
Dani is the better in every case

Waleed (Bahrain)
he attractive, and really good looking guy

Krystelle (Lebanon)
he's soo sexy

Ruth (Germany)
He is awesome.

Yasir Ali (Pakistan-India)
yeh Dani ! u look nice ..

Manal (Jordan)
he is so handsome

Izzy (Saudi Arabia)
I like him coz he is sexy... hot..good looking handsome..... friendly..

Yasmin (UK)
He is the only good looking, cute and sexy looking guy there.

Khattar (Lebanon)
hes a very nice guy

Narciso guballa (Saudi Arabia)
i like dani eid because his nice good looking and he's sexy.

Katie Heinrichs (Switzerland)
Dani is a real nice guy, so cute and smart.
I do hope that he will win :)

Ademir (Germany)
Because he is a handsome and charming man.

George Khayat (Syria)
because he has a sweet and sincere smile.

Cata (Saudi Arabia)
because his a friend of my friend and his the only person that i know :)

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