Is Lebanon the new Iraq?

Is Lebanon the new Iraq?

Rumors of an alleged American base positioned in the north of Lebanon have been circling around for quite a while now. One starts to wonder, will Lebanon become the next Iraq?

The following article was submitted by Jennie Lavine, our foreign correspondent.

Not content with the military quagmire they have created in Iraq, the American private military companies have a new, inspiring destination on their agenda Lebanon!

The Private Military companies (PMC's) are a euphemism for the aged old 'mercenary' definition, in other words a solider of fortune or as we now know them in the West - hired guns! They are ex army personnel turned 'do gooder', highly trained in killing and are employed by the US government to carry out missions the army would do, if they did not have the legal requirements to remain decent.

PMC's such as Blackwater are applying for contracts in Lebanon with one aim in mind chaos! Under the accoutrement of 'protection', they routinely maim, degrade and kill civilians who resist their arrogant approach to 'protection'. Protection of what one may ask the Lebanese people? Lebanese land? Lebanese interests? No! The protection of the US mercenaries that are polluting Lebanon, destroying what chance, if any, the country had for stability. Oh and not forgetting other US's interests, such as maintaining a secure border with Israel and building up the masses around Syria and Iran like a cornered rat, again all at the expense of the Lebanese population, who have suffered enough over the years.

Protection to companies like PMC's means training the Lebanese army how to kill Lebanese civilians. This is what they do in Iraq, after all, the Middle Easterners do not have any feelings, pain, grief, they are robots, they can switch on and off like light switches, so a few thousand dead Middle Easterners collateral damage, what the heck? So it is a matter of time before the Americans being in their tanks, swagger their arrogance and divide and conquer, Lebanon beware.

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