Hottest Music Teacher

Hottest Music Teacher

Khalil Abou Obeid is the Hottest Music Teacher.

This sexy Star Academy music professor ranked 4th in the official Top 100 Sexiest Arab Men 2010 list.

Here are the best reviews we received about him.

Why People like him?

Khadija B. KB.(Morocco)
Khalil is a well known music teacher at many music TV Shows.
He holds several diplomas in music. He’s also the head of many of musical training Lebanese schools & universities. Besides, he is a creative chief of chorus and a talented oriental music composer, who focuses on both classical and techno music.
Khalil is a very good looking man with a wonderful & great personality: he’s extremely SEXY, gorgeous, attractive, charming, sophisticated, mature, cool...add to that talent & intelligence. No doubt that, with all these fabulous qualities and his great music lessons, his participation in the Star Academy Reality Show has increased the number of viewers ! An absolute success !
Khalil...the best & the sexiest music teacher ever ! ♥

Garry Santos (Saudi Arabia)
I like him because he has the most angelic face, combined with mesmerizing eyes, manly nose, beautiful smile, kissable lips, and the shape of his face makes him the most attractive human individual from all the candidates.

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