Best Halloween Costume Ideas

Best Halloween Costume Ideas

These are the easiest ideas for the best Halloween costumes ever. If you cannot be bothered buying full commercial costumes from a local store, then with just a few accessories you can get a quick fix with these homemade Halloween costumes.

Ideally you should go for an overall sexy look that can also be easily carried around on the dance floor. There is no point in being tied down while at a fun party, right?!

The following costumes will never go out of style, and have stood the test of time!

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Best Homemade Halloween Costumes For Women (easy ideas) :

For the Wicked Witch look, just wear any black dress from your wardrobe. If it has a slightly Gothic or Victorian feel to it all the better, but any regular sexy black dress will do. Modern witches are chic and beautiful, off with the old stereotypes! You will however need to purchase just one important accessory, which is a long black wig. Make sure you apply a lot of makeup around the eyes (dark smokey eyes are a must). You can also apply with a makeup pen a small mole in the chin area or near the lips. From there on you can accessorize the way you feel, with necklaces or bracelets or whatever...You can wear lots of chains at once...If you want a touch of humor, you can also hold a modern long plastic broom! You can have fun with it the first few minutes then just leave it behind as a present to the House;)

For the Vampire look, it's a bit the same. You can also go for an off-white dress, or even some shades of violet or even red could work too. You will however need to taint your face white. Use powder and make up, but don't overdo it. You are not a geisha!Don't forget to do your hands and chest area for an even tone. Put on a strong red lipstick.You will also need just one simple accessory, the vampire teeth or Fangs...and you are done! You can also wear weird colored contact lenses. Make sure to wear high heels!

Best Homemade Halloween Costumes For Men (easy ideas) :

For the sexy Pirate look, just wear any long sleeved white shirt you have, paired with black trousers. If you have a fluffy styled pirate inspired shirt in your wardrobe (they were in fashion at some point) use that instead. Similarly, if you have leather pants or sailor pants you would want to wear those naturally. If your grandfather owns a traditional sirwal, then you could go for the Sindbad look. Regular jeans can also work, but it will not look so sophisticated. Remember you want to look good :) You can tie a piece of cloth on your waist for a belt, and attach an old Arabian knife to your hip side(your parents will surely have one on display at the family home somewhere).A sword could also work, but might be an extra load at a party. If your sister or girlfriend has a froufrou type scarf you can use that, along with sleeveless vest (gilet) over the shirt.Unbutton your shirt a bit to reveal your chest. Don't shave for a few days and let your beard grow out a bit. If you have a leather wristband bracelet, wear it. You only still need to wear a black eye patch, and you are done! For fun, you can hold a hook in one hand, which can be broken off any plastic hanger in your closet (some can be unscrewed if you do not want to break anything lol). If you have a pierced earlobe, make sure you put on your piercing! Some like to go with a larger women earring for a more authentic look, (which you would also have to borrow from a girl friend or sister), but we don’t really recommend that look. You can also smudge a bit of eyeliner around your eyes. If you have boots wear them, otherwise anything else will be ok. Guys with long hair, already look like pirates ;) Some like to tie a bandana around their head. Some even hold a bottle of booze and say ‘arghhh’ to everyone they come across at the party…but if you are at a pub you can just grab one from the bar lol. Make sure you go back home in a taxi if you intend to drink it!

For the Vampire look, it’s a bit the same. Use powder and make up, to apply a whiter complexion to your face (don’t overdo it-refer to women's section). You will need to purchase the vampire teeth, accessory now available at every corner, and the reddish contact lenses!

For a Modern Dracula look, it is also quite similar but you will need to wear a black blazer or a full Tuxedo. If you can acquire a long cape, then that could help improve the overall look...

Another simple and classy look is the Eyes Wide Shut black suit paired with a Victorian or Venetian black mask. Very elegant and stylish, you will not go unnoticed! You can even put on a Zoro mask instead. If you want the full Zoro look then you will need the cape, the hat and the sword, and that’s like a whole costume now :) If you have the sword it would also be great for the Pirate look mentioned above.

Unisex Easy and Silly Homemade Halloween Costumes :

Nudist on Strike costume: Just wear whatever clothes you wish and hang a sign around your neck that says “Nudist on Strike.”

Self-Portrait costume: Go as yourself! Print your photo on any light colored T-shirt, wearing the same T-shirt. Another way to do it is to wear any T-shirt which you will need to sign at the bottom with a marker pen. Then cut out a cardboard frame that you will hold up in front of you like a picture frame, whenever someone asks you who you are supposed to be.

Horror Movie Victim costume: Mess up your hair, wipe fake blood all over your clothes and body, and tear your clothes a bit. At the party, walk around looking really paranoid and scream a lot. Works well on girls that know how to scream the way they do in horror movies :)

Fried Egg costume: Wear all white and attach a piece of yellow cloth or cropped paper cardboard to your stomach area.

Perfume Salesperson costume: Dress in really nice clothes. Carry around with you a few perfume samples and squirt people all night long.

Unfaithful husband or wife costume: You will need a ring of course placed on the right finger! Then, mess up your hair. For women, you should have your makeup all smeared and your bra outside your shirt. You can wear a skirt with the back tucked into your pantyhose. For the men, you can wear a button down shirt that is buttoned all wrong, with lipstick kisses on the collar area and on your neck. Your pants should be slightly unzipped.

Happy Halloween! Make sure you share with us below your tips and ideas about easy homemade Halloween costumes.

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