Best Arab Fan

Best Arab Fan

Victoria Salem has been awarded the title of Best Arab Fan.

Victoria is a big fan of the singer Saad Ramadan, and actively supported his candidature in the official Top 100 Sexiest Arab Men 2010 list.

Saad is a handsome young singer that looks like that typical charming prince portrayed in most children book fairytales. Although he did not make it to the top position, he should be happy to know that he has such a loyal fan.

Victoria wrote not one but actually 3 long reviews about him, and also uploaded many of his best photos. She also tried to gather more votes by spreading the news around and inciting others to also vote for him.

Her unconditional love and her energetic involvement was inspirational. She really deserves the title of Best Fan. Congratulations Victoria!

We would also like to cease this occasion to thank all the other fans out there and all the fan clubs. Without your love and support, those stars would not really even exist! Thank you all.

Interview with the Best Fan:

Hello Victoria and thank you for this interview.

Hello, Fanoos thanks for you too.

So how long have you been a fan of Saad R.?

I have been a fan of Saad R. for almost three years ,and this since his participation in Star academy programme.

Which of his songs is your top favorite?

My top favorite Saad song is" Kholes lwa2t"

What about the best music video you think he has done so far?

His best music video is "Baya3 bi 7obik Baya3".

What other singers would you like to see him in a duo with?

I would like to see him sharing a duo with the following stars: Saber Al Rubai, Hani Shaker,Nancy Ajram, Najwa Karam,Elissa or Yara singer.

You have uploaded so many beautiful photos of Ramadan to our website, which is your favorite?

According to me all Saad photos are so glamorous ,so I count on your refined taste in this confusing matter.

Thank you for being such a passionate fan. Would you like to add anything else?

Thanks for you Fanoos ,I really appreciate what you have done to Saad R. till now ,It is a pleasure to me answering your questions about my adorable star Saad who embodies all the beauties of the world in addition to the numerous gifts and talents he possesses;Saad R. Is a mighty star whose name will be an everlasting name, may be you think that what I reveal are pure speculations ,but the coming years will prove that they are facts ,Thanks.

Best Review by Victoria:

I don’t have enough craft to mould into words my admiration towards Saad R., so believe me my words will not keep up with the gifts Saad possesses. Saad is a dashing young man ; His blue eyes drift you to a world of wonder ,his charming smile could be a medication for the sick in soul and body ,but every detail in his face is a real pleasure to stare addition Saad is very elegant with a perfectly shaped muscled build and glamorous allure .but what makes of Saad a glittering star is not only his amazing tender voice but also the numerous qualities and qualifications he is endowed with; Saad is a very dexterous piano player , he is cultivated and a university graduated, Saad is a gregarious guy who likes enjoying life but within Arab and ethical values . in 2008 he captivated the hearts of millions of fans not because of his talents or even because he honorably represented the Lebanese guys, but also because of the adoration he holds in his sincere heart to his homeland Lebanon and towards the whole Arab world . Saad is a star who rose up from "Star Academy" to the whole World , he is truly a gift from the sky .....Saad cannot be repeated because miracles happen once at a time... we are extremely proud of our shining star ....Saed Ramadan will be an everlasting name. Thanks you

Cordially Vicky

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