Arab Boy Next Door 2010

Arab Boy Next Door 2010

Mohamed El Maghraby is holder of the title Arab Boy Next Door 2010.

Maghraby is an Egyptian cutie that fits perfectly the archetype. His sweet and shy demeanor is part of his appeal. This gentleman looks like your friendly Arab neighbor, that is good looking while remaining approachable. He could be a really great friend, or the perfect boy to bring home to your parents!

Moga (like he is often called by his fans)ranked 3rd in the official Top 100 Sexiest Arab Men 2010 list.

Here are some of the best reviews we received about him.

Why People like him?

Rowaa Rami (Egypt)
For he is an artist in every sense of the word .. Has all the elements of destruction, both the artist and his voice and his sense of songwriting and Tlhinha and the side that handsome and attractive and is characterized by good and compassionate heart ..... Hard is an honor for all his fans.

Smsm Ali (Egypt)
he has lovely laugh, so kind person, also gentleman

Ahmad Nasser (Egypt)
Because they were unfair with him in Star Academy.

Nada (Egypt)
He is attractive, handsome, sweet and honest, very very romantic... humble, talented, has an athletic body, elegant and always well dressed. A strong dark man (asmarani)...

Hanan (Egypt)
Mohammed el maghraby very respectable face and body well coordinated

Merosandrella (Egypt)
Respectable figure his voice is affectionate and of course He's so handsome Mowooooot. very popular and loved.

Mizo (Egypt)
Beautiful voice, and I hope he is given the chance and opportunity. He is very handsome and his voice is so tender and romantic.

Amnia Ibrahim (Egypt)
I love you maghraby

Shosho (Egypt)
I love maghraaaaaaaaaaaaaby soooooooo much

Karuky (Egypt)
I love maghrby sooooooooooooo much

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