Milad Srour

Milad Srour

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Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Milad Srour is a Lebanese Male Top Model from Beirut.

Milad Srour, also written Miled Srour, has appeared in many advertisements. Although he had been around for a long time, his performance next to Najwa Karam in her music video clip of 2009 Khalini Shoufak gave him a larger exposure to the Arab World.

Before modeling, Milad Srour worked as a physiotherapist in Beirut. Srour is also a personal fitness trainer and coach.

Milad Srour has hazel colored eyes and a light tan skin. He is 185cm tall and weights 79 kg.

Other physical features of Milad Srour:

Hips 86 cm (34")
Waist 79 cm (31")
Bust 99 cm (39")

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