Lady Madonna and the New Tramp

Lady Madonna and the New Tramp

More divas return! This seems like the new trend nowadays. But this time it involves a duet with a younger man, mmmmm…interesting…Where have we seen this before, it sure sounds familiar ;) Oh yeah, it’s coming back to us now.

It is awfully like when Madona decided one fine day to introduce Zein El Omar to her public, or even before that when she brought on stage with her a certain Assi El Hellany, a poor trembling amateur she had picked up somewhere…Look at where those two are today. Is she repeating the same mistakes all over again? Hasn’t she learned anything? Actually Sabah has this same weird habit, for some reason, but we won’t go into this now.

The Beauty Queen of the Stars, has returned with yet another hit of “gipsy shaabi” that instantly takes us back to the golden days of this style; a style that Madona embraced throughout her career, a style that no one else has ventured in or dared to venture in after Lady Madonna. Why is that you ask? Could it be that all those who adhere to this club or appreciate this style have all died out? Perhaps was this style neglected in favor of much more modern beats? Or perhaps one needs to be Madona to pull it off? That’s probably the real reason. With her extravagant shows and costumes she always knew how to create a fascinating context for her songs and capture the audience’s attention and imagination. Splashy entrances and flashy exits were always an extra side dish, just for our visual pleasure. Welcome back Madona.

To be continued.

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