Hot Arab Men

Hot Arab Men

The Most Sexy Arab Men 2009 Awards

If you are looking for Sexy hot Arab men, then look no further. We have gathered for you the crème de la crème of famous Arab studs. Sink your teeth into these hot Arab jocks, without delays!

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After the success of the Sexiest and Most Desirable Arab Women Alive 2009 survey, the men were feeling a bit left out, so were the women who adore them. We decided to follow up with a similar survey. We now give you the Hottest and Sexiest Arab Men Alive for 2009. We asked the online community to rank Arab males deemed to be the year's most appealing, and we ended up with the following list. Here you go girls! Feast your eyes on our jaw-dropping collection of irresistible Arab hotties. They come in all shapes and sizes; you are bound to find one to your liking! From the handsome young Jordanian man, to the Egyptian stud with rippling biceps, passing through the Lebanese heart-throb with a washboard stomach and looks to match, they are all here... Enjoy.

Toni Qattan (27.2 %)

Hani Hussein (13.6 %)

Fares Karam (10.3 %)

Rami Ayach (9.5 %)

Wissam Hanna (7.3 %)

Assaad Tarabay (8.1 %)

Anthony Hakim (5.6 %)

Saleh Abdel Nabi (5.7 %)

Nabil Ajram (4.4 %)

Amr Samaha (3.2 %)

Ghassan Mawla (3.0 %)

Bassel Abou Hamdan (2.1 %)

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