Hisham Abdulrahman

Hisham Abdulrahman

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Gender: Male

Nationality: Saudi Arabia

Job Title: Singer

Hisham Abdurrahman also known as Hisham Abdulrahman (Hisham Abbul Rahman) was the Winner of Star Academy 2.

Hisham Abdulrahman was born on 7 March 1980 in Saudi Arabia.

Hisham Abdulrahman has eight sisters and seven brothers.

His favorite International Actor is Brad Pitt and his best arab actor is Ahmed Zaki.

Hisham Abdulrahman Considered that Star Academy will be a great and new experience. Hisham likes to develop his own sense of humor which distinguishes him.

One the last prime of Star Academy second season, Hisham Abelrahman won a 2005 Ford Mustang GT and $ 50,000.
One that same day Saudi religious scholars condemned the Star Academy competition as a crime against Islam and urged the Saudi Arabian pop singer who triumphed to repent.

More than 60 sheikhs rounded on the flesh-faced Hisham Abdulrahman, whose victory in the Star Academy reality show triggered the closest thing to pop hysteria seen in the ultraconservative Muslim kingdom.

The 60 Sheikhs and Religious figures said that Young Arab men and women are being put together in an abominable state of mingling of sexes exposing themselves not only to singing and dancing but also to corruption.

Hisham arrived in Riyadh to participate in a number of social events he was surrounded by fans, both male and female, when he was just browsing the mall.

The members of the commission waded into the crowd and broke it up.

They then asked Hisham to leave the mall for creating the chaos and triggering immoral acts.

Hisham was not affected by their threats but rather he entered into a slanging match with the members of the commission and also called them names. He even threatened to take action against them if they did not leave.

The crowd then joined in and began pulling the new star toward them as a veritable tug-of-war took place, leaving Hisham's clothes in tatters.

A member of the commission dragged Hisham out and pushed him into their waiting van. He was then taken to the commission's center in Olaya where he was questioned and held under custody.

The commission then received a direct order from an official in the Riyadh governor's office to immediately send the singer back to Jeddah.

Few hours later, Hisham was then escorted by the commission's head to the airport and was sent back to Jeddah.

Hisham was part of Star Academy 2, which did not sucessed overall due to many reasons. Those reasons include the assasination of Prime Minister rafic el hariri and the interruption of the primes many 3 time due to explosions in beirut. Also the setup and the teacher were the same of the first season, which made people get bored easily. To find out all the details about the LBC Star Academy second season please check Star Academy 2 Lebanon

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