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Famous Sports Figures of Lebanese Origin

A list of Famous Sports Figures, Athletes, Car Racers and Soccer Players of Lebanese Origin sorted alphabetically

Abe Gibran: Offensive lineman and coach - Chicago Bears football team.

Bill George: Linebacker - Chicago Bears football team.

Bobby Rahal: Car racer Champion - Indianapolis 500- 1986.

Brian Habib: Lineman - Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks football teams.

Doug Flutie: Quarterback - San Diego Chargers football team.

Eddie Elias: Founder - Bowling Association of America.

Elias Ghanem: Head - Las Vegas Boxing Association.

Frank Skaff: Manager - Detroit Tigers baseball team.

Fred Maalouf: Quarterback for the St. Louis Cardinals football team.

Fred Saigh: Owner - St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.

Fouad Rubeiz: Kicker - Minnesota Vikings football team.

Jeff George: Quarterback - Washington Redskins football team.

Jim Baxis: Second baseman -Cleveland Indians baseball team.

Jim Harrick - Head Coach - University of Georgia Bull Dogs.

Joe Lehoud: Leftfielder - Boston Red Sox baseball team.

Joe Robbie: Owner - Miami Dolphins football team.

John Elway: Quarterback - Denver Broncos football team.

John Jaha: First baseman - Oakland A's.

Kerbawy Family: Owners - Detroit Lions football team.

Maloof Bros.: Owners - Sacramento Kings basketball team.

Pete Sarron: Featherweight boxing champion.

Victor Taweel: Lightweight boxing champion.