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Famous Entrepreneurs of Lebanese Origin

below is a list of Famous Businessmen and Businesswomen of Lebanese Origin sorted alphabetically

Abdo Sabban: Founder - Real Estate Co.
Bill Rouhana Jr.: CEO - Winstar
Bob Manikian: Personal Brokers - Prince of Brunei
Bryan J. Zwan Ph.D.: Founder - Digital Lightwave
Charles Rozwat: Executive VP - Oracle
Edmond Safra: Owner - Republic Bank of New York
Fred Maroon: Photographer and Author - White House
George A. Hamid, Jr.: Owner - Circus
George Boutros: Acquisition Banker - Credit Suisse First Boston
George Shaheen: President - Anderson Consulting
Hasib Sabbagh: Founder - Center for Muslim Christian Understanding at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.
Helen Thomas: Dean - White House Press Corps
Jack Nasser: President - Ford Motor Company
John Mack: President - Morgan Stanley Group
John Zogby: Founder - Zogby International
Joseph Abboud: Designer and Founder - Joseph Abboud
Joseph D. Jamail: Lawyer - Pennzoil
Joseph Marion Haggar: Founder - Haggar Clothing Corporation
Joseph Shaker: President - Shaker Advertising
Lucie Salhany: Chairwoman - Fox Broadcasting Co
Mansour Farah: Manufacturer and Founder / Farah's Menwear
Matthew Mikhael: Owner - MJM Constructions, MJM Home Improvement, and MJM Vinyl Sidings
Ned Mansour: President - Mattel
Norma Kamali: Designer - OMO Norma Kamali
Patrice Samara: Emmy-Award winning producer and President - Triumph Entertainment
Paul Orfalea: Founder and CEO - Kinko's
Peter J. Tanous: President - Lynx Investment Advisory
Ray Irani, PhD: Chairman - Occidental Petroleum.
Ray Jallow, PhD: Financial expert
Robert Abboud: President - First National Bank of Chicago
Roger Farah: President - Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.
Sam Maloof: Furniture maker
Tony Ismail: Entrepreneur and Founder - The Alamo Flag Company
Waleed Ali and Malik Ali: Founders - MPI

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