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Carole Samaha Ready to Start a Family

Carole Samaha Ready to Start a Family

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Carole Samaha recently declared in one of her magazine interviews that her next step is to start a family.

"I can not even imagine myself living in this world without being a mother; One of my dreams is to have a child that would call me mom. That would be the ultimate state of joy that I can ever reach." Carole said.

Recently Carole shot her latest video Esmaeni (hear me out), the song is composed and written by Samir El Saghir.

The song is from her latest work Adwaa El Shouhra Album (spot Light). The video was shot in Beirut in two days by director Caroline Labky.

You can watch the video on LBC and MelodyHits TV and many other TV Stations in Lebanon and on Satellite. Watch the video of Esmaeni on Lebanon Links Video Channel too.

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Ya Azabi
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Adwaa Al Shohra
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E3tazalt El Hob

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