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Carole Samaha Left Lebanon for Good

Carole Samaha Left Lebanon for Good

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Lebanese singer Carole Samaha recently traveled to Dubai where she re-Launched her album which was released in May 2006 almost 5 months ago. Carole will be signing her latest songs from the Adwaa El Shouhra Album (In the SpotLights).

Carole Samaha decided to left Lebanon and will live between France and Dubai.

EMI Productions announced the release of Carole's new album, featuring eight songs. The first single, Esmaani (Listen to me), has already debuted on music charts as one of the most requested videos in the region.

Close sources to Carole revealed that she will be residing in France and will be visiting Dubai to hold concerts. The source denied that the recent war between Lebanon and Israel was behind Carole decision to immigrate.

Carole filmed her latest music video for the song Zaalni [Upset Me] with French Terry Furgnees as Director.

Carole Samaha is one of the leading and elite artists in Lebanon.

She has achieved superstardom when she sang Beesabah El Alf El Talet through her two previous albums, Helm (Dream) and Ana Hurra (I am Free) .

She also sang great songs like Etallaa Fiyeh (Look at me) and Ghali Alayi (Dear to me).

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