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Carole Samaha is back to her senses

Carole Samaha is back to her senses

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After reproducing “à la Carole” Janet Jackson’s video “That’s the way love goes”, Smeha goes back to basics.

I remember how sad we were to see such a talented woman fall short on her creativity. Well actually the video director is to be blamed, but is Carole that easily manipulated? Think not, so she obviously shares part of the responsibility…

This time however, the video of “Zaelni” is sweetly simple but with a certain twist to it. The frames and sets are so subtle and easy on the eyes.
Carole is as fresh and as sensual as ever!

My grandma used to say, god rests her soul: “If you have nice legs, show-em”. I think Carole knew my grandma?!

Her delicate movements and expressions remind us instantly that we are dealing here with a professional actress. The song issuperb too, but we are just focusing on videos for this article.

Anyway, good job Carole… and we forgive you this time, but in the future please refrain from copying other artists, or at least those famous enough, whose work leave a deeply rooted trace in our minds, such as Janet Jackson.

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