Abdullah Ruwaished

Abdullah Ruwaished

Gender: Male

Nationality: Kuwait

Job Title: Singer

Abdullah Ruwaishid also known as Abdula Al Rouwayshed Ruwaished is a famous Kuwaiti singer and composer.

Abdullah Ruwaished was born in the year 1961, He was named as the ambassador of the Khaliji songs or Gulf Songs.

Abdullah Ruwaishid had a big love for music which began when he was at the age of thirteen.

Ruwaishid took part in most of the school concerts, his favorite music instrument is the Oud.

Abdullah started his career with a band called Roubai Al Kuwait, he was the drummer of the band.

In the year 1981 he made advanced by releasing his debut music album which included his famous song Rihlaty.

Ruwaishid popular albums include Tamanna in the year 2009, El Shawk Wal Damaa, Ma Fee Ahad Mirtah, Ifini, Wein Rayeh, Watan Omry, Sadekeni, Waineek, Tasawwar and others.

Abdullah Ruwaishid had good duet songs with many famous singers such as Nawal Al Kuweitia, Ahlam, Abou Baker Salem and Lebanese singer Wadih El Safi.

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