UFO in Iraq

UFO in Iraq

There have been many reported UFO sightings in Iraq, most of which emanated with the arrival of the American military troops during the war launched by the Bush administration to topple Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Many UFO aficionados suggested at the time that Saddam could own a crashed UFO. He allegedly built a special laboratory similar to what the American pop culture refers to as Area 51 base and Rosewell crash. The UFO was thought to have crashed either during the Gulf War in 1991 or Operation Desert Fox in 1998. UFOlogist Joseph Trainor had also declared in a review UFO Roundup that Saddam could be attempting to reverse-engineer the crashed alien spacecraft. Many others pointed out that the USA was searching for any pretext to invade Iraq, and the rumored weapons of mass destruction were a cover up.

Most of the time, the UFOs Sighted in Iraq would mostly be pranks by marines that were already over exposed to the craze of this phenomenon in their native country. Some were however thought to be actual sightings of unidentified flying saucers.

One such case involved a UFO sighting in Kirkuk Iraq on March 23, 2003, while the BBC News was making a report on the war situation. The triangular shaped UFO was briefly filmed by a reporter on location. The object flew by for a brief second before disappearing. Some suggest it could simply have been a helicopter or stealth plane.

In May 2006, a US marine supposedly photographed a UFO over a refinery in Iraq.

During August -September 2008, many UFOs described as unidentified green orbs were seen flying at night over the International Zone in Baghdad as well as over several U.S. military bases in East Baghdad. The lights moved at a high speed, made erratic movements, and operated without making any discernible noise.

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