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UFOs Connection with Egypt Pyramids

UFOs Connection with Egypt Pyramids

One of the first written UFO sighting in Egypt talks about a fleet of flying saucers. It was from an excerpt written on an Egyptian papyrus as part of the annals of Thutmose III. A Pharaoh who reigned Egypt between 1504 and 1450 B.C.

translations of hieroglyphic records reveal that Thutmose III, who reigned 15 centuries before the birth of Christ, first saw a UFO one winter morning around the year 1482 B.C.

According to renowned author and UFO expert Brad Steiger. In the year 22, of the 3rd month of winter, sixth hour of the day. The hieroglyphics described the UFO as a huge circle of fire, the circle emitted no sound, as indicated by the inscription as having no voice.

Its body one rod long and one rod wide. His Majesty was meditating upon what happened. Now after some days these objects became more numerous in the sky than ever. Their brightness in the sky was more than the sun.

In addition to scriptures, the Egyptian hieroglyphics has drawn images of those UFO's. The UFO designs in the hieroglyphics were very similar to those found in Mexico, drawn on stones and pottery.

An Egyptian pharaoh observed a huge fleet of UFOs hovering above the desert sands more than 3,400 years ago… and even went for a joyride on one of the spacecraft!

Actually ancient Egyptian writings very often talk of aliens from the sky, coming to earth to teach them technology and wisdom. There are numerous pictures and symbols of UFOs and aliens drawn inside Pyramids. Who knows, maybe aliens built the Great Pyramid, one of the Wonders of the World.

Ancient Egyptian legends talk about the beginnings of Tep Zepi, which is the age when Gods came from the sky down to Earth and raised the land from soil and water.

The Gods flew through the air in flying ships and brought wisdom and doctrine to men through the Pharaohs. Needless to say that all these ideas were thrown out of sight when Christianity came to being.

Modern Egypt also have seen and witnessed several UFO sighting through the people who hunt for such news around the world.

In the month of October 1999, Dr.Ibrahim the UFO Hunter released some photos which shows some UFOs over Egypt. The UFOs were flying over the Mediterranean Sea, early in the morning. He shot the video using his Panasonic movie camera. The UFOs flew over the Nile River, heading towards the Giza Pyramids.

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