Alam El Phan

Alam El Phan

Alam El Phan also known as Alam Al Fan is a music production company based in Egypt.

Alam El Phan is founded and currently managed by Mohsen Jaber, an entrepreneur and a music guru.

Alam El Phan is considered as the second best music production company in the arab world.

Alam El Phan also owns and operates a Music Television Satellite station named MAZZIKA which promotes the Alam El Phan artists and their Videoclips in the Middle East.

Alam El Phan has signed contracts over the years with big artists such as:
Abdel Halim Hafez
Abdul Majid Abdullah
Amal Maher
Amar singer
Amer Monib
Amr Diab
Amr Mostafa
Asala Nasri
Aziza Jalal
Bashar Darwish
Diana Haddad
Diana Karazon
Dominique Hourani
Ehab Tawfik
Aline Khalaf
Essam Karika
Farid El Atrache
Fayza Ahmed
Hayfa Wehbeh
singer Hakim
Hamied El Shaeri
Hani Shaker
Helmy Abd EL Baky
Hisham Abbas
Khaled Selim
Majida El Roumi
May Hariri
Mayada El Henawy
Medhat Saleh
Mohamed Abd El Wahab
Mohamed Fouad
Mohamed Mounir
Moharam Fouad
Mona Abd El Ghany
Moustafa Amar
Najat Al Saghira
Nawal El Zoghby
Nicole Saba
Omar Khairat
Ragheb Alameh
Saber Al Rubai
Samira Said
Samo Zaen
Sherine Wagdy
Talal Maddah
Tamer Hosny
Toni Qattan
Walid Tawfeik
Warda Al Jazairia

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