Sexy Saudi Men

Sexy Saudi Men

Although there are many Sexy Saudi Men, only a few seem to appear in the media.

It's no secret that Saudi Arabia is a very conservative kingdom; just like the women are asked to cover up, men are generally not encouraged to flash their sex appeal so to speak...but things are gradually changing.

The Sexiest Saudi Man is Mohammed Al Maiman. It's no coincidence he is also enlisted in the official Top 100 Sexiest Arab Men 2010 list, in which he ranked 19th.

Another gorgeous Saudi model that has broken the conventional stereotype of what Saudis are like is AJ Abualrub.

Here are some of the best reviews we received, during the survey.

Why People like Mohammed Maiman-Sexiest Saudi Man

Nicolas (United States)
We like this candidate because first of all Mohammed is the honor of Saudi Arabia. In fact, with his 23 years old Mohammed is not just known in Saudi Arabia, But in France and in the whole world. By being Mister France 2010 and Manhunt France 2010. Mohammed is representing France in all beauty contests.
After being 2nd runner up in Mister World contest, he was the first French to represent France in mister world in history. And he did better than all French Miss who ever went to Miss universe or Miss World.
Mohammed is one of the favorites contestants to win Manhunt International 2010 in Taiwan.
And he was elected as the best top model.
Mohammed has already done 2 films, and he will do the third one as the first role.
He is very talented young man.
And he will bring a lot to Saudi Arabia, France and to the whole World.
But Mohammed, is not just a supermodel, but he is also a very kind person, with a very big heart.
He likes to help people, the elderly and the young.

Ira Titi (France)
Mohamed Al Maimain est très très très beau, il a une belle carrure, c’est un bon model et a le voir on sent le sérieux dans ce qu’il fait. Au delà de sa beauté physiquement parlant cet homme est humble et très gentil, aimable. Avec tous ses atouts il pourrait se permettre beaucoup de choses mais il respect et sait se comporter comme un vrai homme. Cet homme mérite vraiment d’être le TOP parce qu’il est aussi très intelligent, au jour daujourd hui, il ne suffit pas d’être seulement beau mais de savoir s’opposer et se faire respecter! Il détient tout cela vive Mohamed Al Maiman. May GOD bless you. You do deserve to be number One!

Nadia (UK)
Mohammed has got the beautiful skin color and amazing facial bone structure, he has strong, toned and defined manly body! Emmmmm! All I can say is, its a feast for eyes just looking at him! GoodLuck! I hope u win

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