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Russoom.comCover PageBrowse :All Animations | All ComicsV I E W E R T O O L S : Tell your folks about Russoom.comUnable to watch the animations Submit your artworkBecome a reviewer of filmsNewsletter:Raioo PongReviewed by: Staff Entertain yourself this Ramadan with the Raioo version of pong. Youre going to be playing against our computer, and dont underestimate his abilities. Whoever scores 10 points first winsRussoom Grade: 7/10Artist:Adnane BenaliDate:19-11-2001Language:NoneGenre:InteractiveSize:68KbFormat:FlashArtist:Adnane BenaliStory by:Adnane BenaliDate:3-5-2002Language:ArabicGenre:CulturalFormat:gifFree Palestine I Russoom Grade:8/10. copy;1999-2001, All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy

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