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Home About Us Search IntifadaLast updated:Friday October 06th, 2006sections select sectionNewsOpinionFeaturesEditorialsLettersReviewsArchiveFeatureThe Rice Agenda and the Real Agenda for the PalestiniansOn the first leg of her Middle East trip in Jeddah, Rice outlined the areas that she hoped to discuss with Abbas when she met with him in Ramallah.Main StoriesRice Meets Abbas as Road Map Lies in TattersAbbas said yesterday that his attempts to form a coalition government with Hamas were at an end, amid factional fighting between Fatah and Hamas.Analysis: Mideast Policy Full CircleMore likely Rice will support Abbas politically in the ongoing coup against his own government, thus taking US Mideast policy full circle.Joharah Baker: Condi is in the HouseIsrael and the United States have bigger and much more insidious plans for the Palestinians than we have so far envisioned.Uri Avnery: Lunch in DamascusUntil Israel has a government ready to answer this question and confront the settlers, there will be no agreement with Syria.Haniya Brushes off Rice VisitAbbas has made clear that his patience is running thin in efforts to persuade Hamas to soften its policy towards Israel.Ramzy Baroud: Defeat from WithinBoth Fatah and Hamas are allowing their desire for self-preservation and advancement to supplant the self-preservation of the Palestinian national unity. Amira Hass: Not an Internal Palestinian MatterIt is anIsraeli experiment called quot;put them into a pressure cooker and see what happens quot;; this is whythis is not an internal Palestinian matter.Haniyeh Vows to Prevent Civil WarOn the eve of a visit to Israel and the West Bank by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Haniyeh lashed out at her regional tour.Sami Abdel-Shafi: Strife of a People Stripped of DignityThisinadvertently prolongs the image of Palestinians as a needy liability rather than a nation with a fair case that needs resolution.more headlines...PollIs a coalition government in Palestine still possibleYesNoUnsure Show Your SupportThe Palestine Chronicle is 100% reader-supported. If you find our publication worthwhile and valuable, we urge you to subscribe to our online edition today. Without your voluntary subscription the Chronicle cannot survive.Subscribe NowIn other headlinesRamzy Baroud: Defeat From WithinPalestinians Killed; Olmert to Help AbbasRubinstein: A Struggle Among LosersAre Security Forces Trigger-HappyDomestic Genocide of Economic NatureEconomics Has, Will Shape the WorldIsrael Kills Palestinian Two FightersTony Judt Speech Shut Down by ADLDignitaries Want Action on ME Conflict Abbas Accepts Qatari Plan on Unity Abbas Recognition of Israel PoliticalFatah and Hamas Battle againMiles: Chronicle of a People?s StruggleMilitants Threaten Hamas LeadersTortured Canadian Wins BattleMailing ListEnter your email address to subscribe to our mailing list.You will receive exclusive articles and messages from the Palestine Chronicle.Name:Email:subscribe | unsubscribeSubscribe to

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