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Country: Lebanon

Welcome to the FORMULAONEGRANDPRIXOFTHELEBANONCAMPAIGN Click here to enter our web siteWe hope that you will enjoy itscontents and that you will contribute to the Web Site by Relay Grand Prix sarl , Khaled Altaki, Ph.D. ManagingDirectorClick here to enterthe competition Get ready for our competition and win prizes.Starts on the 15 November and has been extended to end on the 15 February 1998.There will be 10 questions, multiple answers,on the BeirutHariri Circuit.All the answers can be found in this web site, surf and seek.The Article in TOPGEARMAGAZINEaboutthe F1 campaign in Lebanon . Issue of December 1997Click here to viewthe article on LebanonThe meeting with PM Rafic Al Hariri: quot;if you can bring the Formula Oneto Lebanon by the year 2000, that would be very good quot; PMHaririsaid to Dr.Khaled Altaki On the 6th January, during the quot;Iftar quot; dinner reception, at the home of the PrimeMinister, attended by all representatives of the sporting community , Dr.Khaled Altaki, Managing Director of Relay Grand Prix sarl, made it clearduring g an exchange of views with the Prime Minister , to all 250 plusguests that efforts to bring the Formula One Grand Prix to Lebanon continue,and that RGP hopes to hold its first race this November 1998. Furthermore, that although the circuit has been namedAl Hariri Beirut Circuit, the Prime Minister is not involved financiallynor has ne contributed any funds towards this project,.When asked by His Excellency the Prime Minister m whenthe Formula One Grand Prix is expected tot come to Lebanon, Dr. Altaki,replied that a realistic date would be the year 2000. The Prime Ministerresponded by saying that if it would come to Beirut by the year 2000 thatwould be a very good accomplishment . The target for the F 1 to come to Lebanon is the year2000, and as such we urge all members of the public and other supportersto purchase our memorabilia and display their stickers and other itemswith pride in an effort to bring to Lebanon the Formula One by the year2000.

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