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Country: Lebanon

The Village of Dhour Choueir in Lebanon

(Please Bookmark this page amp; check for updates regularly)--webbot botTimestamp S-TypeREGENERATED S-Format%A %B %d, %Y startspan --Sunday August 27, 2006--webbot botTimestamp endspan i-checksum35368 --Click here for the Top Lebanese Sites at www.toplebanesesites.comwww.Choueir.comWebsite maintained by the Shhayyed Family (the quot;h quot; pronounced as in helo and habibi)... sons of the late Salim Shhayyed andGeorgette Bou Nader Khneisser. Honoring Dhour Choueir and the small quaint village of Choueir inLebanon Dhour Choueir is a village well known for its breathtaking scenery, populous pine trees, four seasons weather, and friendly locals. The village of Dhour Shweir lies on a northwestern peninsula,overlooking the city of Beirut, Jounieh, Mount Sannine and theMediterranean. Itis 30 Km from Beirut and 42 Km from Beirut International Airport. With 400 year old houses, narrow alleys and old churches, Choueir is a villagewhose traditional fabric and essence has been well preserved?Dhour Al-Choueirs inhabitants, like Tanios Bou-Naderand his sons Jamil and Joseph Bou-Nader, were famous for their style inarchitecture. They were the masons of most of the historical places in Lebanon.All the ancient buildings one is likely to encounter immortalize in theirdelicately engraved sculpture the hands of the Choureirin masons. Dhour Al-Choueiris important for its annual Mahrajan for Immigrants. Choueir Families Khneisser, Shhayyed, Sawaya, Mojahes, Halabi, Katoul, Rahbani, Qurban, Zaidan,Shaya, etc...Emigrants Festival in Dhour El Choueir 2005Dhour Shweir In the Old DaysDIRECTORY OF SERVICES in DHOUR EL CHOUEIR Elie amp; Antoinette Qurban:For all your travel needs, nurses,funerals, car rental, etc.... Tel: 03 272-946 Adel Katoul Shallita Rahbani:For all your car repair needs, construction, home repairs, etc... Tel: 03780-819You have a friendly comment or question CallNabil at 6 0 9 2 2 3 - 0 0 8 9 Visit Useful Lebanese Links Click here for the Top Lebanese Sites Webmaster: Nabil- 6 0 9 2 2 3 - 0 0 8 9 - E-mail: nabil Disclaimer: is an informal not for profit social site for chouier and dhour choueir, shweir and dhour shweir. Choueir Pictures used are for aesthetic enhancements and web design and are not a reflection of actual events, food, or otherwise.

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