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Country: Lebanon

One of the major Internet service providers in Lebanon. Services include Internet solutions, Internet access, online publishing and corporate access solutions.

In 1995 Transmog Inc. SAL was established to offer Telecommunications services to the Lebanese market and later that year it began its work by deregulating the Lebanese wireless data communications market.

In 1996 Transmog Inc. SAL obtained licenses that grant it the right to offer Internet Services. Cyberia is a Transmog Inc. SAL trademark that was subsequently created to provide the Lebanese market with Internet Access, Online Publishing and Online Services. After its launch in the fourth quarter of 1996, Cyberia quickly established itself as the leading Internet services provider.

In 1998 Cyberia launched a Consulting group to offer turnkey services to other Telecommunications companies in the region. Amongst its achievements is Internet Infrastructure which was commercially launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in July 1999.

In 1999 Cyberia received the year Best Commercial Internet Solution award for the Gulf and Eastern Mediterranean from Microsoft Corporation. Cyberia was chosen for this award because of its outstanding success in developing Internet applications and building innovative high quality Internet solutions for the Middle Eastern markets.

July 3, 2001, Cyberia Holdings announced the acquisition of International Data Exchange (INDEX) L.L.C, one of the top ISPs in Jordan.

Now operating in three countries, including Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, Cyberia Holdings, which is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, is the biggest Internet provider in Lebanon with more than 50 percent market share. It also operates , the leading online service in the country, providing top quality content and value added services for the Lebanese and the Arab audience.

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