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Country: Lebanon

An amateur astronomy website, created by youth amateur experienced astronomers and engineers from Lebanon.

ASTRONOMY IN LEBANONASTRONOMY LINKSASTRONOMY NEWSTHE SKY NOWABOUT US...We go out our daily lives understanding almost nothing of the world. We give little thoughts to the machinery that generates the sunlight that makes life possible , to the gravity that glues us to an earth that would otherwise send us spinning off into space, or to the atoms of which we are made and we fundamentally depend. Except for children, few of us spend much time wondering why nature is the way it is; where the cosmos came from, or whether it was always here; or whether there are ultimate limits to what humans can know ... from the introduction of quot;A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME? CARL SAGAN On June 25, 2006, two members of AstroLeb were able to launch a small rocket at an altitude of 1800 northern Lebanon.The Task-Force Astronomy amp; Astrophysics ofthe Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research (LCNRS) organized a Summer School in Lebanon at NDU from September 5 to 15, 2005.A Conversation with Charles ElachiDirector of JPL, and NASA Advanced Planning, Principal investigator Cassini Radar In which he addressesa message to the youth in Lebanon who is laying outside in his or her sleeping bag, watching the stars overhead, dreaming their dreams, maybe even of someday working for JPL. ( An Interview by A.J.S. Rayl from the planetary society )New pictures are added to the AstroLebs gallery quot;Gazing the sky quot; is a release of AstroLeb. It is a great booklet that guides in your first steps whilegazing the sky.PICTURE OF THE DAYASTRONOMY LECTURESSITE MAPLast updated: June27, 2006 Site Manager: Alain KhayatWebmasters: Alain Khayat, Mona Sukkarieh--Namo WebEditor Data 4.0: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----Namo WebEditor Data 4.0:EmbededNPI002IwgAAHhevVVNaxNRFL0TM01jW21MaLGgjAqK0ha1VUQXvioFC6ULrVth0sk0sZlJSYaa7uYPuIgIKvhjZiO4EwRx23+gK12O5943M9FEFBLolJeeue+e+/HeeW92/cAmIuPSJH7xbNley9rwg1rb3gkaBzVt7T9fCiaV8JqjxcGpkd5zYFmu71zF//eMg3rnWYHoA7DXuuOnc0RqQo/PmNnAuIsxT7TiJo4J8QnVqYa/gCy6PlJJ45G81qpvtQ93X8kijftskk2H6KY9YjeGLCMqCrrBGso5MW5BtI1qurK6N0aL5fTAe4nCvNZt32o23Husv8FYcRz3Td/vL/xwqq8/nSEeTw1Dq

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