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Country: Lebanon

Arabic political and lifestyle magazine published in Lebanon by Dar As Sayad. Focuses on Arab and Lebanese political, social, and economic news.

Home:Publications: AssayadThemagazine arabs trusto:p/o:po:p/o:pEventhoughit might sell, hearsay is not our business.o:p/o:p BecauseAssayad sticks to the hard facts, people have been readingo:p/o:p over60 years.o:p/o:p Andin the turbulent Middle East, Assayad is respected throughouto:p/o:p Arabworld for its reporting and analysis. Ourpolitics, which have nevero:p/o:p changed,are about journalism and facts.o:p/o:pMoreover,Assayad was the first newsweekly that had a pan-Arabo:p/o:p audience.Today we inform and entertain more than 76192 Arabs fromo:p/o:p theGulf, the Levant and North Africa.o:p/o:p Basedin Beirut, Assayad has offices and correspondents in Riyadh,o:p/o:p Dhabi,Dubai, Cairo, Damascus, Amman, London, Paris, Washington,o:p/o:p NewYork.o:p/o:pOureditorial focuses on Arab (30 percent) and Lebanese (20 percent)o:p/o:p political,social, and economic news. We also have extensive coverageo:p/o:p oninternational issues, the arts, entertainment, and lifestyletrends, (cars,o:p/o:p boats,planes, fashion, etc.).o:p/o:pAssayadis the flagship magazine of Dar Assayad, one the largestpublisherso:p/o:p inthe Arab world.o:p/o:p SaidFreiha first published Assayad in 1943, making it a key player ino:p/o:p strugglefor Lebanon?s independence.o:p/o:pItssuccess stemmed from the free and satirical prose and thepoliticalo:p/o:p andsocial cartoons that filled the magazine. This searching spirit iso:p/o:p muchalive today in the magazine.o:p/o:p Overthe years Assayad became a school for the new generation ofpostindependenceo:p/o:p Lebaneseand Arab journalists, and started playing ano:p/o:p importantrole on the Arab political scene.o:p/o:pThepan-Arab magazine concept was born with Assayad, and others,o:p/o:p manyof whom Assayad journalists, followed and established theiro:p/o:p publications.o:p/o:p MoustaphaAmeen, (a prominent Egyptian columnist and publisher), Nizaro:p/o:p Kabbanbi,(poet), Selim El Louzi, (who later founded Al Hawadeth), Amino:p/o:p Malouf,(Author and Novelist, winner of the Prix Concour, the mosto:p/o:p prestigiousliterary award in France), Melhem Karam, (the current ownero:p/o:p ofAl Hawadth), Said Akl, (poet), Nabil Khoury (Al Mostaqbal), Hishamo:p/o:p Zahr,(who later founded with his brother Walid Al Moharer, and Al Watano:p/o:p ElArabi), Talal Salman, (As Safir), and many great writers andjounalistso:p/o:p contributedto Assayad.o:p/o:pTodaya young and energetic team of writers edit Assayad, includingRaoufo:p/o:p Chahouri,who made Al Qabas the most successful Kuwaiti newpaper,o:p/o:p RaficKhoury, the renowned Lebanese columnist and political thinker,o:p/o:p GeorgeTrad, prominent literary ciritc and essayist, Oulfat Katamesh,o:p/o:p veteranEgyptian political correspondent, Lima Nabil, an energetico:p/o:p Jordanianreporter, and many other distinguished Arab journalists.o:p/o:pThefirst priority for Assayad editors is quality news-stories thatare basedo:p/o:p factsnot rumors, that are grabbing and well written, and that alwaysenricho:p/o:p andenter

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