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Country: Lebanon

Arabic military and defence magazine published in Lebanon by Dar As-Sayad. Publishes articles on defence equipment, training and other security issues in the Arab World.

Home:Publications: Arab Defense JournalARAB DEFENCE JOURNALo:p/o:po:p/o:pLETTERFROM THE EDITORARAB DEFENCEJOURNAL is the leading Arabic defence magazine of the Arab world.The magazine has been published monthly since 1976 and with anindependently audited circulation of 24,475 (ABC Audit Jul-Dec 2004)it is read by Arab government ministers and advisors, as well as thesenior military and police officers throughout the Arab world. o:p/o:pFor 30years, ARAB DEFENCE JOURNALhas been the primary Arabic source of information on defence matters inthe Arab world. o:p/o:pEachmonth, the magazine reports on news and current affairs from the MiddleEast and around the world, along with features on aerospace, naval andland systems. o:p/o:pARAB DEFENCE JOURNALpublishes articles on defence electronics, computers amp; communicationequipment, training and system integration as well as police and publicsecurity issues, with the latest strategic analysis. Please read thefollowing pages for more information.o:p/o:pFaouzi Abou Farhato:p/o:pGen.Fawzi Abou Farhat-Editor-in Chief o:pDEFENCEPROCUREMENT NEWS/o:pINTERNATIONALEXHIBITIONS IN 2006Asthe premier defence magazine in the Middle East, ARABDEFENCE JOURNALsupports, with special issues and supplements, many of the internationalaerospace and defence exhibitions. These include in 2005:o:p/o:pASIANAEROSPACE-Singapore: 21-26 Febo:p/o:pSOFEX- Jordan: 27-30 Marcho:p/o:pMILIPOLQATAR - Doha: 15-17 Mayo:p/o:pILA -Berlin,Germany: 16-21 Mayo:p/o:pEUROSATORY- France: 12-16 Juneo:p/o:pFARNBOROUGH- UK: 17-23 Julyo:p/o:pAFRICANAEROSPACE amp; DEFENCE- South Africa: 20 - 24 Septembero:p/o:pDEFENDORY- Greece: 3-7 Octobero:p/o:pAUSA-USA: 9-11 Octobero:p/o:p/o:p ADJhome page Editorial Program | Circulation | ReadershipProfile | Advertising Rates | Technical Specification 2006Media Pack (PDF) Contact

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