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--Start Menu--Home|Celebrities|Movies|Press Media|Feedback|Links|Chat|--End Menu----Part 1------------- celeb Info ------------ProfilesPhotos FilmsQuotesCelebs EmailsCelebs BirthdaysCelebs AddressesCelebs Make-Up----------- celeb Info ------------Film Ads.Coming SoonFilm ArchivesFilm Reviews----------- celeb Info ------------News ArchiveSpecial ArticlesCases in CourtsHistory of CinemaPalestinian CrisisIraqi CrisisLiberalbr/QUOTES amp; TIPSRapper, on the criticism of his lyrics as homophobic and the message he conveyed by his sharing the stage at the Grammys with Elton John FILM TERMSCrystal Sync - Specifically, a way of recording Sync Sound where the camera runs at correct speed with a quartz crystal-governed motor, and tape recorder records its pilottone using a built-in quartz crystal pilottone generator. The crystal is much like the kind used in a quartz watch. Unlike cable sync, the camera and tape recorder are not attached. Box OfficeHALIMAN AL ESHQ WA AL HAWA?aka About Love and PassionIMARET YACOUBIANGAALTANI MOGREMANAWKAT FARAGH ?aka Leisure timesLAKHMET RASAL FERQA 16 EGRAMAL GHAWASAHLAM HAQIQEYAEL EYAL HERBETKATKOUT TATAHAWDET AL NADLAWESH EGRAMSAAT AL SIFRWAHED MIN AL NASZAZA RAIIS GOMHOUREYAESABET DOCTOR OMARALIA AL TARAB BELTALATATHOMN DASTET ASHRARRAMADAN 2006 TV SERIESComing SoonAL HARB AL ALAMEYA AL THALETHA ?aka Third World WarDonya?aka DuniaAL QAEDAMOHAMED ALIKEIF AL HAL?aka How Are YouHEKAYA BAHRAINEYA?aka A Tale from BahrainMOROCCAN SYMPHONYAMERICAN EASTAGAMISTA PollNow that you have seen the Yacoubian Building, Did the film meet your expectationsYesNoComplete film reviews click here POLL Ends -- CinemaTech-Hassan Haddad WebsiteFaten Hamamas WebsiteVoteVote Vote VoteFor everything you likeFor everything you hateFor your favorite CelebsPeople dont you want to see what you all like and hate Vote ResultsBest Film: ZAZAWorst Film: WESH EGRAMBest Actor: Hany RamzyBest Actress: Mena Shalaby---- RAMADAN TV SERIES 2006--tr bgcolor#F4F5F7Osama MohamedMohamed MakloufMohamed GhazalaSamir El Ghoul/tr-- POST PRODUCTIONCELEBRITY OF THE MONTHFESTIVALSFILMMAKERSAMERICAN EASTALAA AL ASWANYNEWS GOSSIP--marquee namenewmarq idnewsmarq directionup scrollamount1 truespeed width100% height200 onmouseovernewsmarq.stop(); onmouseoutnewsmarq.start();/marquee-- Youmna Sheri joins NBN-City TV #8211; Oct. 4 - After moving from Future channel, television host Youmna Shei makes her come back through the TV program quot;Layali Al Madina quot; on the NBN #8211; City TV on the Nile sat. The first episodes came wonderful with famous guests Maysam Nahas and Ghasan Al Rohbani. The show airs on Fridays and Saturdays at 10:00 PM (Cairo Time Zone) .Abdula Kamal amp; Mahmoud Saad #8211; Oct. 2 #8211; Mahmoud Saad the host of El Beit Beitak got the shock of his life when Abula Kamal chief editor Rose Al Youssef magazine accused him for accepting payroll checks by Dar El Halal Firm,while he does not do any work over there anymore after being a famous TV ho

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