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Country: Lebanon

Online newsletter of the website covering the news from the two Northern Lebanese towns of Zgharta and Ehden.

Alyanabii The Alyanabii MagazineIn 1993 Father Estifan Franjieh decided to establish a media outlet, which would be published by the Zgharta-Ehden congregation. Prior to that, a modest booklet entitled #8220;Al Kalema #8221; (The word), published by Father Boutros Barakat, was being distributed in front of churches in Ehden and Zgharta.Father Estifan Franjieh #8217;s idea began as a local mission, but had grown to become a huge dream. A dream befitting a nation, and just as large. For it wasn #8217;t confined to within the smaller boundaries of Lebanon, but extended to reach the larger Lebanon spread in the Diaspora. That great media dream envisioned by Father Estifan Franjieh who worked tirelessly to make a reality, is known today as #8220;Al Yanabii #8221; magazine, which is a brilliant Zghartawiyi Media facility prepared and published by a large group of educated and committed young people form Zgharta who are willing to serve with dedication and enthusiasm. #8220;Al Yanabii #8221; first issue published in January 1993 indicated how advanced and elegant, this magazine would turn out to be, due to the efforts of Father Istfan, the youth and Mr. Joseph Raaidi owner of Raaidi #8217;s Printing Press- Lebanon. #8220;Al Yanabii #8221; has since been distributed in Australia and Venezuela, as well as in other countries. #8220;Al Yanabii #8221; in AustraliaIn 1994, its representative Mr.Sarkis Makssisi introduced the magazine to the community in Australia, through paid subscriptions. He managed to form a family consisting of members from the Zgharta community and friends from the broader Lebanese community. #8220;Al Yanabii #8221; in Australia is recognised as one of the most distinguished magazines as a result of its social presence and prominent media role. Since 1994, a section of the magazine has been devoted for news of the social, religious and cultural activities held by the Lebanese community in Australia. In addition, many interviews conducted with community leaders and guests are constantly published.The Alyanabii Committee Consists of : Editor in Chief: Father Estifan FranjiehEditing Manager: Antoine KawalGeneral Manager: Mirna BecharaPublic Relations: Boutros BarakatAdvertising: Lena MakhoulEditors: Lilian Awad, Claria Mouawad and Rober FranjiehPhotography: Khalil MouawadDistribution: (C.E.C.) Zgharta- Ehden Congregation---------------------------------------------------------------Correspondent in Australia: Sarkis MaksisiHead office: Ground Floor, St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Hay Al Salib, Zgharta,LEBANON . #8220; Al Yanabii Articles #8221; (requireadobe acrobatto download)December 2002 Issue (click to view). lt;----------------------------- Click here for Covers or Slide Show ------------------------------- gt;

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