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Latest Trends in Halloween Costumes

Latest Trends in Halloween Costumes

2010 Halloween Costumes:

If you enjoy creating your Halloween costume from scratch, check Halloween Costume Ideas. But if you'd rather buy your Halloween costume, then here are the latest trends from the new 2010 collection available at most shops. As you all know by now, the 80s are making a strong come back. Pop Icons and Horror movie characters from the past era can now be seen side by side with the latest arrivals in Halloween costumes like the Twilight vampire or Wolf Pack costumes. The classical costumes are still selling, like Michael Jackson, Grease, Disco costumes, etc…But if you want to be IN, then here is what you should go for:

Ready-made Men Halloween Costumes 2010

Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare on Elm Street costume: Thanks to the movie remake of this 80s thriller, Mr. Spooky is back in business with many variations available on display. You can get the Freddy Krueger Glove Accessory, the mask, the Fedora hat, and the knit sweater for a total of 80$.

Jake Sully Costume – Avatar: Dress up in the style of James Cameron's Avatar on the distant planet Pandora. Get the khaki jacket with attached black shirt, khaki pants with attached azure tail, and a mask in the form of the Na'vi people with Jake's azure face, and the spear for about 60$. Get the Na'vi Avatar Makeup Kit for an additional 8$, and you can cover yourself in azure. The wig will also cost around 18$. So the grand total will be something like 86$. Wear your timberlands and you are good to go.

Readymade Women Halloween Costumes 2010

Lady Gaga costumes are still hot this season, and are among the top Halloween costume choices for 2010. From Poker Face to Just Dance, you are bound to find something you like in the big collection dedicated to this weird pop star (the poor woman is trying too hard lol). Her VMA white costume seems to be the big one for this season though. But perhaps you are better off with a different one, just in case you meet other Gagas at the partee ;) In any case, you can get the Top/with attached lace sleeve, Shorts, Boot Tops, Mask and the Blonde Wig with Pink Streaks for around 80$.

Neytiri costume-Avatar: Dress up in the style of James Cameron's Avatar character Neytiri. You will get a striped azure jumpsuit with attached tail in the form of the Na'vi people, a mahogany gauntlet, and a tan loincloth just like the protagonist princess, in addition to the wig for around 73$. Add an extra 10$ for the matching ears.

Happy Halloween everyone! So who will you dress up as this year??

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