Religion in Beirut

Beirut is considered as a very diverse city in the Middle East. The city is inhabited with Christians (Maronites, Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholics, Armenian Orthodox, Armenian Catholics, Roman Catholics, Syriacs, Copts, Methodists, Protestants), Muslims (Sunni and Shiaite), and Druze.

All of those religions and sects have their significant role in society.

Muslims especialy Shiaite, constitute a significant majority.

Some Jews used to live in beirut before the civil war started in 1975. Today almost all of the Jews who once lived in Beirut emigrated to the United States.

During the Lebanese Civil War, Beirut city was torn apart. The capital of Lebanon was divided between the Christian East and the Muslim West Beirut.

Beirut today has been reunited and rebuilt. Its Christian and Muslim balance in its architecture and way of life is something not seen anywhere in the world.